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What makes Divinità the best


Quick hitch on wheels

If necessary, remove the motors from your wheelchair leaving it with only 15 kg. Without technical knowledge or tools.


Accepted by Airlines

Its divinitá has battery produced within national and international aviation standards. Features: dry, sealed, 24 volts, 10 amperes, 160 wh.


5-angle recliner

The only one of its kind with a 5-angle back recliner.


Greater durability and warranty

Greatest warranty on the market worldwide. 10-year warranty on the welds of your structure. 5 year warranty on engines. 2-year warranty on joystick.


Portable Wheelchair – Divinità


Divinità Cross – Kit Off Road


Battery with capacity of 12V, 10Ah. And autonomy of up to 18km


It passes obstacles of up to 4cm when equipped with the inflatable tire, or passing the obstacle in apart.


Aeronautical aluminums specially designed and extruded for Divinità.


Brushless wheel motor with 425W of power.


Equipped with two batteries with capacities of 12V, 10Ah. With a range of up to 15km


With a beautiful structure and strength, this kit passes obstacles of up to 15cm


Aeronautical aluminums specially designed and extruded for Kit Cross


About our


We are a leading Brazilian company in research and development for personal mobility. Our main vocation is focused on the management of technological innovation focused on personal mobility products. For this, we have a multidisciplinary team qualified.



Count on the experience of our expert consultants, making an assertive choice.


We have a multidisciplinary team developing innovation in personal mobility.


Count on the service of people with experience and ability to meet their needs.


Divinità is a wheelchair modulated through optional with adjustments to different measures and needs.


Divinità has very low maintenance, has technical assistance throughout Brazil.


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