New generation of Divinitá is launched.

Our commitment to innovation is constant in our Research and Development activities in technologies for personal mobility.

That’s why our world’s lightest and most durable wheelchair line has become even more practical and innovative.

In this new generation of Divinità wheelchair, you have with option to disconnect the motors, through the system of quick coupling. This way the wheelchair model, which was only 25 kilos before, is only 15 kilos! This feature can be used to better accommodate the wheelchair or even in the exchange of engines. No need for technical knowledge or tools.

Among other innovations is the ergonomic cushion that facilitates the accommodation and ventilation of the seat and the use of new models of connectors.

In the post-sales area, we have committed to being the first company to provide a wide range of accessories and any spare parts for online purchase, as well as maintenance training videos, facilitating access to these products and technical information from anywhere in the country.

The simplification of the project allows without tools or technical knowledge and in a few seconds perform the replacement of the main components: Joystick, battery, charger, motors, seat, among other parts.

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